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Brand New Collection

“I want the women wearing my designs to feel strong, beautiful and in charge.” Monika Chiang

Georgia chain sandals

Georgia fashion sandal in black

Vix thigh boots

Imena gladiator sandals

New Fall Collection Coming Soon!

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Designs for a style-forward woman with a deep appreciation for global influences and details

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The Monika Chiang Collection is expertly handcrafted by master cobblers in some of the premier footwear factories in Florence, Italy. The area is famous with respect to the incomparable and undeniable tradition of craftsmanship. All components and leathers are sourced from the best Italian manufacturers and tanneries.

The shoes become exceptional through the choice of materials. Exotic skins flirt with rich suedes, supple leathers, edgy high quality hardware, creating covetable treasures that complement vibrant, confident women who want their footwear to reflect their spirit.